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Automatic intermittent gear pump PM

Automatic intermittent gear pump PM
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Model indication method

Automatic intermittent gear pump PM

 Model indication method

ModelPart Number
PM-8S 102660
PM-8S-L 102754

Pump Circuit Diagram

Automatic intermittent gear pump PM
Pump Circuit Diagram

Directions for use

The 1PM type Pump is an air-driven pump that reciprocates the piston by air pressure, so a 3-way switching valve is required to turn the air on and off.
The 2PM pump is designed to generate a discharge pressure of 0.5MPa with an air input pressure of 0.1MPa (Pump ratio 1: 5). However, since the operating pressure of the metering valve is 1.2MPa or more, the air input pressure must be set to maintain 0.35 to 0.5MPa. Also, adjust the air input pressure not to be 0.45 MPa or less even if oil (liquid) jumps from the jet nozzle at the tip.
(3) The viscosity range of the oil (liquid) used is 10 mm2 / s to 100 mm2 / s (viscosity when used). If the viscosity is extremely high, it is yes that repeated discharge can not be performed in a short cycle (intermittent time).
Aluminum material (PumpBody) and NBR rubber material (O-ring) are used for 4PM type Pump. When using special oil (liquid), please contact our Global Center.


Pump ratio 1:5(Air pressure0.5MPa)
Discharge volume 8mℓ/ shot(6mℓ、7mℓ〜order product)
Use viscosity

Spraying method:
Oil shot 10 to 100㎟ / s
Oil / air, mist 10 to 1800㎟ / s

Please contact us if you are using a special solution.

Characteristics of the air pressure and air consumption 0.4MPa-0.27NL / shot
0.5MPa-0.3NL / shot
Valve the total discharge amount of about 5ml
Amount of coating (A 0.5ml of the valve can be up to 10 locations in the case of use)
Reservoir Capacity 1.8LResin Reservoir (standard)
3LResin Reservoir, 3L, 4L, 8L sheet metal Reservoir (Option)
Option Specifications Three-way solenoid valve Voltage: AC100V, AC200V, DC24V
Oil level switch A contact point: W-105-02 (Model 109704)
B contact point: W-105-02 (B) (Model 109705)
Contact capacity AC, DC200V30W, or resistive load
0.5A any one smaller
Weight 1.8ℓ:1.2kg、8ℓ:11.0kg

* When using the Oil Level Switch, use C-nut (626002) along with W-105 (109704).
※ Do not disassemble the internal mechanism, as it will spring out more strongly by the spring. It may cause serious injury.

Dimensional Drawing

Automatic intermittent gear pump PMDimensional Drawing

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