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1. Copyright
  1. Copyright of the individual sentences that are posted on this web site and the web site, photos, video, music, voice, and any other copyrighted material (collectively, "Content"), the Company or the original author of other rights holders the property (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the "copyright holder").
  2. If you want to save printing and the like for the purpose of personal use, except as permitted by other copyright law, without the prior permission of the content copyright holders, duplication, public transmission, distribution, modification, resection, your Acts such as reproduced in the web site (hereinafter referred to as "available, etc.") is prohibited by copyright law. In advance and ask you to obtain the permission of the Company. However, if it contains a portrait or copyrighted material, trademarks, etc. of a third party, such as if the Company deems inappropriate, you may want to refuse the license of use and the like.
  3. If you want to use such content to obtain the permission of the Company, please go the copyright notice of our specification. Our prior without acknowledgment, change the copyright notice, and can not be deleted.
2. Trademarks, etc.
  1. Individual trademarks, marks, logos that are posted on this web site and the web site, right on the trade names are the property of the owner of the company or individual rights. Trademark law, except as permitted by other laws, the act of use such as these without the permission of the Company or the rights who is prohibited by trademark law and the like. In advance and ask you to obtain a license to the Company or the respective owners.
3. Disclaimer
  1. Our company, content, and other information provided on this Web site or for the content (hereinafter, collectively, "content, etc." and misappropriated), its accuracy, usefulness, does not the other guarantee certainty . Even as some sort of damage has occurred the event by available such as content, we are not responsible.
  2. The Company, the configuration of the present web site, Terms and Conditions, the URL and content, etc., may be changed or discontinued without notice. In addition, the Company may suspend or discontinue the operation of this web site without prior notice.
4. Prohibited acts

In the use of this web site, it should not be the next act.

  1. The Company or disadvantage to a third party, damage, or fear of the act which gives
  3. Our slander products and services (slander) slander act, or any act that raises the fear of the
  5. slander our officers or employees (slander) slander act, or any act that raises the fear of the
  7. such as offensive to public order and morals, our credit, the act of compromising the quality, or any act that raises the fear of the
  9. acts that lead to criminal behavior or criminal acts, or any act that raises the fear of the
  11. law, any act in violation of the laws, regulations, or ordinances, or any act that raises the fear of the
  13. give rise to false positives and what is in some sort of alliance or cooperation with the Company, or the Company is aware of the link source of the site, guarantee, cause the misidentification of that support or recommend action, or fear of the some act
  15. frame links, etc., act to perform a link of the form of clarity of this web site may be impaired
  17. Other Company deemed inappropriate, act of proposal to cancel
5. About Link

This web site, profit, non-profit, regardless of the Internet, an intranet, that get on the condition in accordance with all of the terms and conditions set forth in this web site, link (of this web site URL to publications such as magazines and books it is possible that I am me also includes) to. In particular, verify 4. Prohibited acts and each of the matters specified below, we ask that you will comply. In addition, at the time of the link, please contact to the Company is not required. (Below, from this web site, or the web site of a third party other than the Company, which put a link to this Web site, referred to as the "link site".)


link site, management is the responsibility of the operator of each link site, intended to be operated, does not under our control. Link site, please utilized in accordance with the terms and conditions such as set forth of each of the link site. We are, for the content of linked sites, also any damage, including damages from the third party that occurred in these offers, etc., not responsible for the complaint or any other claim.


link to this Web site or the fact that the link from this web site, available and of our link site, products that have been posted on the link site, service, the company, etc. cognition, guarantee, does not endorse or recommend. Also, it does not mean that there is a special relationship, such as a partnership between the Company and the link site.

Compliance Requirements
  1. information and URL of this web site is not intended to guarantee a permanent maintenance, you might want to change, stop or delete without notice. Please go the responsibility of the operator of each link site such as maintenance modification of the URL in the link site. A result that is linked to this web site, the operator of the link site and the link site, for any damage that occurred to the viewer or a third party, the Company will not be responsible.
  3. Link to this web site, I need your help by a text link format.
  4.       If that is linked to the
  5. this web site, it will be the such as "title" of the linked page as a reference, the link destination Bae Please to display correctly over di name.
  6. link from a web site that is appropriate for the following is strictly prohibited.        
    1. The Company or slander our officers or employees (slander) slander web site that contains the content
    3. Our slander products and services (slander) slander web site that contains the content
    5. such as offensive to public order and morals, our credit, web sites that contain content that could impair the quality
    7. acts that lead to criminal behavior or criminal acts or web site that contains the contents with the fear,
    9. law, in violation of laws or ordinances, or web site to provide information with the fear
  7. If your web site is that if you were found to be in violation of any of the above various matters, or the Company to the proposal of the link Delete, you will be sure to follow on this.
6. For suggestions of ideas, etc.

Inquiries and comments of our customers for the product, thank you from the website of each product.

However, our company because we are a variety of research and development, we have a variety of ideas and technical information. Technical ideas who suggestions from customers, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "technical proposal" and says) For, in order to avoid that subject to constraints on our own research and development activities, or in the future, industrial property, such as patents in order to prevent the trouble and misunderstanding related to the right, we can not accept your proposal other than the "technical proposal be considered for" the next.

In addition, new from customers other than the "technical proposal becomes a consideration" goods, technology, design, production process, technical proposals, such as naming, as long as we study and reporting obligations without special agreement, confidentiality to the contents and it does not accept, such as consideration of payment of the obligation of. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

technical proposal becomes a consideration
  1. technical proposals related to the rights registered patents, designs and trademarks such as industrial property rights
  3. be accompanied by the Patent Office issued utility model technical evaluation report of, and the evaluation is "6. not find the prior art documents to deny such novelty." Technical proposals related to utility model rights are the
  5. technical proposal of the rights registered patents, designs and trademarks such as foreign industrial property rights
  7. technical proposal was ask you to provide the Company
7. Privacy policy

We recognize the importance of personal information, has established a personal information protection policy. Personal information entrusted to us from our customers is, properly managed in accordance with our personal information protection policy, and use. For more information, please click here.

8. Cookie

In our website, increase customer convenience, statistical grasp of viewing situation for web site improvement, optimal site display to the customer, and for advertising of delivery, we use cookies (Cookie) .

A cookie, when you visit the web site, with a small data files that Web sites write to your device, it will be used to identify the users who visit your web site. This web site, unless you have obtained in advance your consent, you do not get the information that can identify a person by cookies. In addition, the Company, the information stored in a cookie, statistical grasp of viewing circumstances, optimal site display to the customer, and will not be used for purposes other than serving ads.

It should be noted, by the customer to change the settings of the browser, in advance or to display to that effect when you are trying to visit a web site that uses cookies, but you can refuse to accept cookies, reject If it is, because there is that some services of this web site is no longer available, please understand beforehand.

The Company, based on the agreement with a third party that are outsourcing our ad delivery, information identifying all or part (personal information collected by cookies, etc. to a third party is included in all No) may disclose. In this case, the third party is to use the page history information and the like that you can see on this Web site, who can have for your interest, your interest to our customers our advertising, other than the Company that have registered to ad network you may also be displayed on the web site.

If you wish to stop such ad delivery, you can change the setting at the web page of the ad-serving company.

9 for. Operating environment

 If you are using a this web site, we recommend Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, the latest version of Safari.
settings and of the terminal you are going to use, part of the browser, in the application, it may become an unintended display.

10. For export control

export technology, program or product you have purchased that provided in this web site if you want to (take-out to foreign countries, including the disclosure to non-residents in Japan) is, "foreign exchange and foreign trade Law ", please protect your" laws and regulations that are the United States export Administration Act, "other applicable.

11. Governing law, the competent court
  1. interpretation and application of available and this of this web site, "In the use of the site" is, as long as there is no special set, and governed by the laws of Japan.
  3. For all disputes relating to this web site, as long as there is no special set, and the first instance court of competent jurisdiction the Osaka District Court.
12. Inquiries about this web site

Inquiries about this website, from " Contact ", please contact us.

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