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World standard LHL system grease lubrication system

Progress method

EGM-50TH (Progress method)

EGM-50TH (Progress method)
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Model indication method

EGM-50TH type(Automatic lubrication pump) Model Display method

ModelPart No.
EGM-50TH-20N-2C-D 101565
EGM-50TH-20N-3P-D 101575
EGM-50TH-20N-4C-D 101560
EGM-50TH-20N-7C-D 101555
EGM-50TH-20N-7C-LD 101554
EGM-50TH-20N-7C-LFBD 101552
EGM-50TH-20N-8P-D 101570
Repair parts set

Pumping unit (10MPa, 10ml / min) Relief unit dedicated tool

ModelPart No.
50THPRS-20 539462


Power DC24V
Power Consumption 50.4W
Discharge Pressure 20MPa
Driving time Continuous Energization
Stop time No Restriction
Connection Method DIN terminal
Guaranteed Grease Lube Original Grease
Feed switch Yes (optional)
Grease level switch Yes (7C only)
Covers Flame retardant resin(UL94-V0)
IP standard Get
CE standard Get
Pump air removal Driving timeNo Restriction
Use Consistency Range NLGI NO. 00. 0. 1
Weight 7C 2.2kg、4C 2.1kg
2C 2.1kg、8P 3.3kg
3P 2.2kg

Directions for use

● Use manufacturer's warranty grease.
● Never use molybdenum disulfide grease.
● Use lithium grease.
(If it is other than Lube original grease, please be sure to consult.)
● Be careful not to mix any foreign matter when replenishing grease or replacing cartridges.
● Be careful not to let air enter the pump when replacing the cartridge.
● After greasing or after replacing the cartridge, be sure to open the air vent plug and vent the air inside the pump.

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