Don't stop the machine all over the worldDon't stop the machine all over the world

World standard LHL system grease lubrication system

LUBE Original Grease


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Features and applications
Lubricant EH1 grease for initial filling of machine parts has been developed as grease for initial filling of LHL, and can suppress dripping and leakage from machine parts during machine assembly and transportation, etc., and can be expected to retain lubricant and prevent rust. In addition, EH1 grease is compatible with Lübe LHL grease, preventing lubrication problems that occur early in machine operation, and maintaining the excellent lubricating performance and lubrication function of Lübe LHL grease by means of a centralized lubrication system.

Operating temperature limit/ −20℃〜+170℃

ModelPart NumberCapacityConsistency
EH1-4 249236 400mℓ 1

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