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World standard LHL system grease lubrication system




Controller for motor driven grease pump allowing free setting of discharge time and interval time.

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PowerVoltage AC100~AC240V(50/60Hz)
Output Voltage DC24V 3A
Startup mode Discharge mode or Memory mode
吐出Driving Time 1 to 99 seconds / 10 to 990 seconds
Interval Time setting:  1 to 99 minutes / 1 to 99 hours / 1.5 to 99.5 hours
Count setting:  10 to 990 count / 1,000 to 99,000 count
Alarm Output A・BContact
Alarm OutputContact capacity AC250V-5A DC24V-5A(inductive load · maximum)
Input Pressure switch connected Lüve
Connect count limit switch when using count

Directions for use

● Please do not apply a strong shock such as dropping.

ModelPart Number
VUC-II 300460

If it is set to "0", an error will be displayed.
Be sure to put MGL or GPL in the system.
If you do not use MGL or GPL, please use no error detection.
When using EGMPump (decompression device with solenoid valve), set the operation timer within 7 minutes and 30 seconds.


Controller Dimensions

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