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Oil lubrication system

Resistance method

Manual lubricating pump L8・L20

Manual lubricating pump L8・L20


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Discharge Volume 2〜7mℓ/stroke(Adjustable)
Discharge Pressure 0.5MPa
Working Viscosity Range 32〜1300mm²/s
Reservoir Capacity 0.8ℓ(L8)、1.8ℓ(L20)
Weight 1.2kg(L8)、1.8kg(L20)




ModelPart NumberLeverReservoir Capacity
L8-L 103111 Left 0.8ℓ
L8-R 103112 Right
L20-L 103211 Left 1.8ℓ
L20-R 103212 Right

Dimensional Drawing

L8 · L20 type(Manual lubricating pump)Dimensional Drawing

Directions for use

● Replace or clean the suction filter once a year.
Please see the adaptation table.
● Since oil changes its viscosity depending on the oil temperature in summer and winter, be careful to use it within the Working Viscosity Range. Please see the viscosity table.
● Do not use special additive oil, water-soluble oil or solvent.
● Regularly inspect the oil in use for contamination, etc. If any are found, immediately flush the tank and replace it with new oil.
● Do not overtighten the outlet fitting. Please refer to the tightening torque chart.
● Do not press down Lever suddenly or force it up.
● Select L8-L (L20-L) to attach Pump to the Right side of the machine, and L8-R (L20-R) to attach the Pump to the Left side.


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