Don't stop the machine all over the worldDon't stop the machine all over the world

Oil system

Resistance method

Automatic intermittent piston pump MMXL-III

Automatic intermittent piston pump MMXL-III

Incorporating an energy-saving motor, economical and realizing intermittent lubrication by simply turning the power ON. 
Automatic intermittent pump incorporating a small motor,hence an economical model.
Widely used for small machines in many industries.

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Pump Discharge Volume 0.2〜1.0ml/stroke
Discharge Pressure 0.3MPa
(Other voltages available.)
Voltage / Current AC100Vφ1/50mA AC200Vφ1/25mA (50Hz)
AC100Vφ1/42mA AC200Vφ1/18mA (60Hz)
Output 3W Synchronous Motor
Emergency Detection Oil level
Oil level switch
Contact Type  A Contact (NO) ON at low level
Contact capacity  0.5A, AC DC200V/30W smaller
Operation Rating Continuous
Working Viscosity Range 32〜1300mm2/S
Reservoir Capacity 1.8l、3l (plastic) 3l、4l、8l (sheet metal)
Weight 1.8kg (With 1.8l Reservoirs )
Protection class IP54 (CE Approved type)

How To Order

 Automatic intermittent piston pump MMXL-II|型  How to Order


Replacement Motor Model
Interval 3min. 6min. 15min. 30min. 60min. 120min.
Motor RPM (50Hz) 20 10 4 2 1 1/2
Replacement Motor Model 100V Model M-A1 M-B1 M-C1 M-D1 M-E1 M-F1
Part Number 521210 521194 521193 520062 520061 520060
200V Model M-A2 M-B2 M-C2 M-D2 M-E2 M-F2
Part Number 521328 521196 521195 520067 520066 520065


ModelPart Number
MMXLⅢ CE-1A-1 367001
MMXLⅢ CE-1A-1L 367055
MMXLⅢ CE-1A-2 367007
MMXLⅢ CE-1A-2L 367061
MMXLⅢ CE-1B-1 367002
MMXLⅢ CE-1B-1L 367056
MMXLⅢ CE-1B-2 367008
MMXLⅢ CE-1B-2L 367062
MMXLⅢ CE-1C-1 367003
MMXLⅢ CE-1C-1L 367057
MMXLⅢ CE-1C-2 367009
MMXLⅢ CE-1C-2L 367063
MMXLⅢ CE-1D-1 367004
MMXLⅢ CE-1D-1L 367058
MMXLⅢ CE-1D-2 367010
MMXLⅢ CE-1D-2L 367064
MMXLⅢ CE-1E-1 367005
MMXLⅢ CE-1E-1L 367059
MMXLⅢ CE-1E-2 367011
MMXLⅢ CE-1E-2L 367065
MMXLⅢ CE-1F-1 367006
MMXLⅢ CE-1F-1L 367060
MMXLⅢ CE-1F-2 367012
MMXLⅢ CE-1F-2L 367066
ModelPart Number
MMXLⅢ CE-2A-1 367019
MMXLⅢ CE-2A-1L 367073
MMXLⅢ CE-2A-2 367025
MMXLⅢ CE-2A-2L 367079
MMXLⅢ CE-2B-1 367020
MMXLⅢ CE-2B-1L 367074
MMXLⅢ CE-2B-2 367026
MMXLⅢ CE-2B-2L 367080
MMXLⅢ CE-2C-1 367021
MMXLⅢ CE-2C-1L 367075
MMXLⅢ CE-2C-2 367027
MMXLⅢ CE-2C-2L 367081
MMXLⅢ CE-2D-1 367022
MMXLⅢ CE-2D-1L 367076
MMXLⅢ CE-2D-2 367028
MMXLⅢ CE-2D-2L 367082
MMXLⅢ CE-2E-1 367023
MMXLⅢ CE-2E-1L 367077
MMXLⅢ CE-2E-2 367029
MMXLⅢ CE-2E-2L 367083
MMXLⅢ CE-2F-1 367024
MMXLⅢ CE-2F-1L 367078
MMXLⅢ CE-2F-2 367030
MMXLⅢ CE-2F-2L 367084
ModelPart Number
MMXLⅢ CE-5A-1 367037
MMXLⅢ CE-5A-1L 367091
MMXLⅢ CE-5A-2 367043
MMXLⅢ CE-5A-2L 367097
MMXLⅢ CE-5B-1 367038
MMXLⅢ CE-5B-1L 367092
MMXLⅢ CE-5B-2 367044
MMXLⅢ CE-5B-2L 367098
MMXLⅢ CE-5C-1 367039
MMXLⅢ CE-5C-1L 367093
MMXLⅢ CE-5C-2 367045
MMXLⅢ CE-5C-2L 367099
MMXLⅢ CE-5D-1 367040
MMXLⅢ CE-5D-1L 367094
MMXLⅢ CE-5D-2 367046
MMXLⅢ CE-5D-2L 367100
MMXLⅢ CE-5E-1 367041
MMXLⅢ CE-5E-1L 367095
MMXLⅢ CE-5E-2 367047
MMXLⅢ CE-5E-2L 367101
MMXLⅢ CE-5F-1 367042
MMXLⅢ CE-5F-1L 367096
MMXLⅢ CE-5F-2 367048
MMXLⅢ CE-5F-2L 367102

Directions for use

Do not remove the oil strainer to keep the pump clear of foreign matter.
Replace or clean the suction filter at least once a year. Click here to view the service list.
Oil viscosity varies with oil temperature. Be sure to use oil within the working viscosity range. Refer to the viscosity table.
Do not use any special additive-contained oil, water soluble oil and solvent.
Periodically check the oil in the reservoir for impurities. Replace it, if necessary, with fresh oil immediately. Be sure to clean the reservoir before oil change.
Make sure that proper voltage and pressure are proper.
Do not overtighten the discharge joint. Refer to the tightening torque table.
Do not press the discharge volume adjusting knob down by force.
Adjust discharge volume only when the piston is fully relaxed ( The knob is at the lowest position.).
For system planning information, Contact us.

Discharge Volume Adjustment

 Automatic intermittent piston pump MMXL-II|型 吐出油量の調整方法
★If you adjust the oil amount, the balance of oil amount at each lubrication point will change, so be sure to check with the machine manufacturer)


Pump Drawing
Hydraulic circuit drawing
Wiring digram
Wiring digram
Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional drawing
warning Improper handling can result in a death or serious injury.
Electrical shock may be received under certain conditions Electrical shock may be received under certain conditions.。
Be sure to ground. Be sure to ground.

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