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Battery drive grease kit

Battery-operated pump BT-102

Battery-operated pump BT-102

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Model indication method

Battery-operated pump BT-102 Modelindication method
ModelDischarge PortPart Number
BT-102(8) 8 port 101111
BT-102(4) 4 port 101112


Power LUBE original 4 AA batteries: Alkaline
ContinuousDriving time 5 minutes (6 hours cumulative)
Interval time 1–24 hours, 1–31 days(Switched by setting switch)
Discharge Pressure 2.5MPa or more
Pump discharge amount 1.5mℓ/min
Pump life time 100 hours
Used lubricant CBT-SU03(Code No: 249150)
Cartridge Capacity 200mℓ
Weight 1.6kg

LED lamp display content

During operation Lighting
During interval Extinction
Cartridge replacement Lamp flashes once at a time (5 seconds intermittent)
Battery replacement LED lamp flashes2times in a row(5 seconds intermittent)
Abnormal setting  LED lamp flashes3times in a row(5 seconds intermittent)
Abnormal boost  LED lamp flashes4times in a row(5 seconds intermittent)
Continuous operation mode
(21 times) 
Filling mode (3 of SW1)*1
(LED lamp flashes once at a time (1 second intermittent)

※1 Includes cartridge and dry cell

Unit usage conditions
Oil supply piping (nylon pipe): Within 2 m (use the nylon pipe included)
Valve discharge amount and number of points: MU valve (0.1 ml, 1 to 8 places)

■ Pump mounting bolt, nut Hexagon socket head cap screw Size M6-16 × 3
■ Plug MU-BP (Part Number 619840) x 7 pieces
■ One-touch fittings KBE4-01-F ∅ 4 × R 1/8 (Part Number 209523) × 8 pieces
■ Nylon pipe ∅ 4 × 2 m CBT-SU03 (filled) (Part Number 106 834) × 8
■ 4 AA batteries (Part Number 531300)

Dimensional Drawing

Battery-operated pump BT-102 Dimensional Drawing

Operating EnvIronment Conditions

Use this Pump in the following envIronment.
Ambient temperature: 5 to 45 ° C (indoor use)
Humidity: 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Vibration: 9 G or less
(※ Battery life will be extremely shortened if used below 5 ° C.)
* When using cartridge Target Pump, please also target battery.

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