Precautions when using an electric oil pump

■ Be sure to ground.
■ Use a new designated lubricating oil.
 ■ Replace or clean the suction filter once a year.

  • MMXL3 Filter replacement procedure

  • MMXL3 Motor replacement procedure

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  • S Pump Air venting procedure

  • Assembly procedure of polyamide hose

  • Replacement procedure of the series S pump

BT102 Movie

  • Description BT-102

  • BT-102 assembly system

Founded 50 years, BT-102, which Lube has developed of lubricating device ray is a cartridge type small centralized lubrication apparatus. Weight is lightweight 1.6kg. It can also be installed in high places, Semasho-hazard. In addition, the paper feed interval can be arbitrarily set because the controller built-in.

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Grease Cleaner

  • Handling of Grease Cleaner

Blotting to powerful grease only air supply.
       It is a compact type that can be portable. You can significantly reduce the amount of waste.

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