Caution! Use of counterfeit goods.Caution! Use of counterfeit goods.

Caution! Use of counterfeit goods.

Machine trouble has occurred frequently.

"Copy products abroad" indistinguishable from LUBE and "Lubricant company similar products" by touching LUBE equivalent products are on sale.
Domestically, equipment failure due to use in similar products becomes a problem, troubles are constantly present at each user company.
Please check whether it is genuine cartridge grease.
If you use similar products, the condition is often broken in about half a year.

Trouble case 類似品
Trouble case Similar product
Confirmation method

Please confirm purchase route and contact 1 or 2 below.

  1. Please contact directly to machine manufacturer service.
  2. Please contact LUBE directly.
    Our company contact information:
    Phone: + 81 - (0) 3-3204 - 8431

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