1. Why should I use a genuine grease cartridge?

2. Comparison with non-genuine grease


1. Development history of Genuine grease

In the injection molding machine industry, Japanese molding machine manufacturers adopted and manufactured electric drive molding machines with high precision, stable and stable molding and excellent energy saving from 17 years ago. As the internal structure of the molding machine has largely changed to a structure mainly based on "ball screws for high load", a grease agent for high load that is appropriate for it has become essential, so manufacturers of molding machines and component parts manufacturers, etc. At Lube, we developed a high-load cartridge grease that can be fed by a centralized lubrication system.

Reliable lubrication is performed based on a system evaluation test using a combination of genuine grease and grease system.



Molding machine manufacturer

  • Ideal lubrication condition
  • Ideal lubricant
  • maintenance
  • Proper amount of lubrication


  • Evaluation and proposal of optimal system for various environment and conditions
  • Verification of grease solidification mechanism
  • Pursuit performance evaluation such as inflow and adhesion of lubricant

Machine parts manufacturer

  • Joint development of various lubricants
  • Evaluation judgment of ideal lubricant
  • Technical information exchange on optimum lubrication

2.Comparison with non-genuine grease

2-1. About Lube Original Grease (Comparison of Container Shape and Remaining Rate)

Genuine cartridge Non genuine cartridge
(Container shape)

(Container shape)

(Container shape) (Container shape)
Used (Container shape) (Container shape)
Grease remaining amount 28ml 75ml
Remaining rate 4.0% 10.5%


2-2.About Lube original grease (performance evaluation)

Load bearing capacity

High-speed four-ball load bearing performance test results(N)

Genuine grease Non-genuine grease
High speed four ball type
Load bearing capacity
LNL ASTM D2596 1236 1236
WL 3923 3089
LWI 650 589

Wear resistance performance

Four-ball wear test results(75℃,40Kg,1200rpm,1h)

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