With similar products, the machine will fail!

please use specified by the manufacturer goods.

Becomes a lubricant other than the one specified in your use, product defects by incompatible lubrication, abnormal noise, overload to the motor, will be in trouble of machine stop due to damage of the ball screw.
Whether the lubricant also specified by the manufacturer in order to continue to operate the machine a long period of time with peace of mind, please confirm by all means. Please do not use absolutely other than specified by the manufacturer lubricant.

Regular goods and similar products difference


By grease of similar products
Failure case of quantitative valve

By grease use other than the one specified will be fixed grease in the valve inside, it is what the piston is no longer able to grease supplied to the lubrication point can not be operated. And it is too late from now on like a photograph!


In the case of complete oil-free conditions
Test results in the case of FS2 was applied

The upper part of the photo is the bearing condition after the test in the case of the full unpaid fat conditions. Is also confirmed for the damage that has been deformed end face (considered to be affected by it was very very hot) the sliding surface (fixed lubricant).
It OILES # 500HP-SL101 is durable to a target test time in the sliding conditions are difficult was confirmed.
On the other hand, in the case of the lower photograph of Lube Products FS2, that good sliding characteristic can be obtained than in the case of the applied L1 grease applied in this study was confirmed. As this factor, consider that the large effect of the grease additives. Further, in the case to improve the sliding properties by grease, oxidation stability of a grease base oil, 耐過 together consider such heavy improvement of believe that study of the additive is in effect.
※ Source: Oiles Industrial Co., Ltd.


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