Features and quality control of LUBE dispensing valve

【Features of LUBE Discharge Valve】

Improvement of ejection volume accuracy
Dispersion of discharge amount is small.

Prevents solidification of grease
One of the solidifying factors, the structure where grease stagnation is reduced to the limit. (Including connection with junction)

Improvement of maintainability · prevention of foreign matter generation
So that it can be connected to a junction without using a sealing material. Further, no foreign matter is generated by the sealing material.

Improvement of back pressure resistance
We reviewed the parts material, shape and hardness inside the valve and raised the strength against back pressure.


【Quality control of LUBE dispensing valve】

Fully automatic assembly
Assembly is carried out with a total auto assembling machine with a forgotten group mistake prevention function.

Fully automatic operation Automatic inspection total number automatic inspection machine performs discharge judgment pass / fail judgment by image judgment.

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