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World standard LHL system grease lubrication system


sensor EPM

sensor EPM
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Terminal genuine grease discharge detection and temperature detection


Contact configuration B contact
Rated Voltage DC3~DC24V
Rated current 5mA
Used Grease LHL- X100
Operating envIronment temperature 0℃~40℃
standard IP67 (Get planned), RoHS2
Mounting Directions No limit
Used grease piping length NT-4, NT-4H, ST-4Z, CT-4
Length 2000 mm or less
Connected metering valve MU valve (Discharge Amount 0.05 to 0.5 ml)
Connection screw diameter M6 × 0.75 taper, M6 × 1 taper,
M8 × 1.25 taper, R1 / 8
(Use as a swivel joint is not possible)
Piping connection port One-touch type, bushing (using CB-4)
wiring Exterior PVCφ 5.2 Length 2500 mm,
4 wires (for contacts, for thermocouples)
Minimum bending radius 30 mm (M8 connector included)
Built-in temperature sensor K-type thermocouple
Temperature measurement range 0℃~90℃

Dimensional Drawing

EPM (End Point Monitor) Dimensional Drawing

Model indication method

EPM (End Point Monitor) Model Display method

ModelPart NumberlubricantScrew SizePiping Connectionwiring lengthwiring position
EPM-L-01-W-2.5-O 420100 LHL X-100 R1/8 φ4One touch 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-02-W-2.5-O 420101 M6×0.75taperー φ4One touch 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-03-W-2.5-O 420102 M6×1.0taperー φ4One touch 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-04-W-2.5-O 420103 M8×1.25taperー φ4One touch 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-01-B-2.5-O 420104 R1/8 φ4 Bushing 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-02-B-2.5-O 420105 M6×0.75taperー φ4 Bushing 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-03-B-2.5-O 420106 M6×1.0taperー φ4 Bushing 2.5m Upper
EPM-L-04-B-2.5-O 420107 M8×1.25taperー φ4 Bushing 2.5m Upper

Dimensional Drawing

EPM (End Point Monitor) Dimensional Drawing

EPM System Layout

EPM (End Point Monitor) EPMシステムレイアウト

Relay board unit

ModelPart Number
EPM-RU-3-1 420150

End substrate unit

ModelPart Number
EPM-EU-6 420151


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