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World standard LHL system grease lubrication system


sensor EPM

sensor EPM
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End discharge detection and temperature detection of genuine grease


Contact configuration B contact
Rated Voltage DC3~DC24V
Rated current 5mA
Used Grease LHL- X100
Operating envIronment temperature 0℃~40℃
standard IP67 (Get planned), RoHS2
Mounting Directions No limit
Used grease piping length NT-4, NT-4H, ST-4Z, CT-4
Length 2000 mm or less
Connected metering valve MU valve (Discharge Amount 0.05 to 0.5 ml)
Connection screw diameter M6 × 0.75 taper, M6 × 1 taper,
M8 × 1.25 taper, R1 / 8
(Use as a swivel joint is not possible)
Piping connection port One-touch type, bushing (using CB-4)
wiring Exterior PVCφ 5.2 Length 2500 mm,
4 wires (for contacts, for thermocouples)
Minimum bending radius 30 mm (M8 connector included)
Built-in temperature sensor K-type thermocouple
Temperature measurement range 0℃~90℃

Model indication method

		EPM (End Point Monitor) Model indication method

Dimensional Drawing

		EPM (End Point Monitor) Dimensional Drawing

		EPM (End Point Monitor) Dimensional Drawing


Model Part Number lubricant Screw Size
EPM-L-01-W-2.5-C 420100 LHL W R1/8
EPM-L-02-W-2.5-C 420101 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-L-03-W-2.5-C 420102 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-L-04-W-2.5-C 420103 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-L-01-B-2.5-C 420104 R1/8
EPM-L-02-B-2.5-C 420105 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-L-03-B-2.5-C 420106 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-L-04-B-2.5-C 420107 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-L-01-W-2.5 420110 LHL W R1/8
EPM-L-02-W-2.5 420111 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-L-03-W-2.5 420112 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-L-04-W-2.5 420113 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-L-01-B-2.5 420114 LHL B R1/8
EPM-L-02-B-2.5 420115 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-L-03-B-2.5 420116 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-L-04-B-2.5 420117 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-H-01-W-2.5-C 420200 FS2-W R1/8
EPM-H-02-W-2.5-C 420201 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-H-03-W-2.5-C 420202 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-H-04-W-2.5-C 420203 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-H-01-B-2.5-C 420204 FS2-B R1/8
EPM-H-02-B-2.5-C 420205 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-H-03-B-2.5-C 420206 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-H-04-B-2.5-C 420207 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-H-01-W-2.5 420210 FS2-W R1/8
EPM-H-02-W-2.5 420211 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-H-03-W-2.5 420212 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-H-04-W-2.5 420213 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-H-01-B-2.5 420214 FS2-B R1/8
EPM-H-02-B-2.5 420215 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-H-03-B-2.5 420216 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-H-04-B-2.5 420217 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-O-01-W-2.5-C 420300 OIL-W R1/8
EPM-O-02-W-2.5-C 420301 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-O-03-W-2.5-C 420302 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-O-04-W-2.5-C 420303 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-O-01-B-2.5-C 420304 OIL-B R1/8
EPM-O-02-B-2.5-C 420305 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-O-03-B-2.5-C 420306 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-O-04-B-2.5-C 420307 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-O-01-W-2.5 420310 OIL W R1/8
EPM-O-02-W-2.5 420311 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-O-03-W-2.5 420312 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-O-04-W-2.5 420313 M8×1.25 taper
EPM-O-01-B-2.5 420314 OIL B R1/8
EPM-O-02-B-2.5 420315 M6×0.75 taper
EPM-O-03-B-2.5 420316 M6×1.0 taper
EPM-O-04-B-2.5 420317 M8×1.25 taper


Relay board unit

ModelPart Number.
EPM-RU-3-1 420150

End substrate unit

ModelPart Number
EPM-EU-6 420151

EPM System Layout

		EPM (End Point Monitor) EPMシステムレイアウト


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