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Oil lubrication system

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LUBFIT LF-15・15B・20 

LUBFIT LF-15・15B・20 

Good biodegradability, friendly processing oil to the environment mainly composed of fats or synthetic lubricants. Semi-dry (MQL) is ideal for processing.

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● Since is based on vegetable oils, it is an oil less effect on the human body and the environment. (LF-20)
● a large impact on the environment, it does not contain chlorine min. · Sulfur min. Absolutely.
● compared to processing oil until now, consumption due to high lubricity is reduced.
● Since low consumption, it reduces the adhesion of oil to the products and around, cleaning and wiping easier.
● Because less heat is generated during cutting, it does not damage the cutting edge.
● The general processing would be the better choice LF-20 · LF-15 · LF-15B.


appearance Yellow-green transparent liquid Pale yellow transparent liquid Pale green transparent liquid
density(g/cm3) 0.87 0.9 0.9
viscosity(mm2/s,40℃) 8 20 36
Flash point(℃COC) 222 230 320
Copper plate corrosion(100℃/h) Inert Inert Inert
Pour point(℃) -37.5 -20 -20
biodegradability(%) about 86 about 95 about 99
Oils and fats ――― 50wt% over 90wt% over
Synthetic lubricants 90wt% over 50wt% over ―――
Chloride component It does not contain It does not contain It does not contain
Sulfur component It does not contain It does not contain It does not contain
※ numerical value is a measure. There is no standard values.


LF-15-4 4L
LF-10-20 20L

Directions for use

Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet before use.
Please keep in a cool, dark place.

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