About the future of efforts associated with the Lube Global Center opened.

We inaugurated the Lube Global Center In the Tsu, Mie Prefecture from September 5, 2014.
      Since 2000, sales to the global market of injection molding machines and machine tools continues to increase, the majority of our equipment and cartridge grease has become the current situation is being used abroad. Along with that, our company is the United States, China, India, Germany, carried out the development of the subsidiaries and other installation and after-sales service company of affiliates in each country in Vietnam, but we have been working on globalization, the establishment of a service network abroad but not keep up with the expansion of the market, it is at the product supply of our company in the part of the user-like, which had been a thing that kept you waiting.
      Caught the problem seriously, that I am allowed to suggest the best solution in the shortest in all the globalization of the future, is the role of this Lube Global Center.

72 hours in the event of a power failure and the in-house power generation equipment and facilities are possible running.
Equipment solar power generation in consideration of the global environment.
In addition to the time of a disaster, so that you can use as a regional evacuation facility,
   Disaster toilet systems and water storage tank facilities are also fully equipped.

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